This week, I sat down to reorganize my die cuts. I have always stored them in original packages sorted by brand/collection, but every time I needed one little piece, I had to bring several packs out and sort through them all to find something to use. And, if the package was opened, I had to put it in a plastic bag so the die cuts wouldn't fall out. The process took a lot of time so, having such a huge time saving success from sorting my PL cards by color earlier this year, I thought I'd do the same with the die cuts! 

Here's a photo from my sorting the die cuts (I brought everything into the livingroom and sorted while watching TV, I'm all for multitasking. LOL). You can see the old packages in plastic bags and compare to the color sorted boxes. Much more organized and easily accessed.

Having a big stack of empty old Studio Calico Project Life kit boxes sitting on top of my Expedit, I figured I could put them to use. I love when you can upcycle things that you already have. Of course, transparent boxes would probably have been even better, to be able to see the contents without opening the box, but I solved it with marking my PL boxes with washi tape in the colors of the die cuts inside. 

The great thing about the washi tape is that it won't ruin the PL boxes, in case I would like to use them for other things in the future, and the tape comes off so easily if I should need to split color groups into more boxes.

After color sorting my die cuts, I have to say I love it! Yesterday, when I worked on my One Little Word and Project Life albums, I was so happy to use this new die cut storage system. I needed some black and red die cuts, grabbed those color boxes and was able to find the perfect die cuts within minutes! This is going to significantly speed up my scrapping, and I'm very pleased with the result.

How do you organize your die cuts? I'd love more ideas and inspiration on this, so please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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